Public engagement

Helen Etchanchu together with Muhammad Yunus, 2006 nobel peace prize laureate, during his French campus tour 2019

I promote principles of engaged scholarship and responsible research in management which aspire co-creating and diffusing academic knowledge to effectuate positive impact on society. I am part of University of Bath CBOS’s #thinklist, member of the responsible research in business and management network, and support scholarly initiatives such as Scientists4Future , Labos1.5 and the transforming narratives group of the SDG transformations forum.

I am Co-founder of Organization Scientists 4 Future. We are a scholarly movement of organization scientists who seek to inspire fellow academics to take action on climate change. Here you may read my story about the beginnings of OS4future and a call to action for organization scientists.

Convinced that grand challenges such as the UN sustainable development goals require innovative solutions at local levels, I am involved in my local municipality to enhance public policy for sustainability. I have recently been elected city councilor, responsible for the sustainability transition.

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