My research explores how we may organize for and make sense of grand challenges such as climate change, inequality or health. In previous and ongoing studies, I investigate struggles over meaning between business, political and civil society actors in addressing grand challenges, such as the UN SDGs from two different lenses: discursive legitimation strategies, and corporate political roles and democracy. A discursive perspective is particularly fruitful for my research program since language enables and hinders actors in their efforts towards institutional maintenance or change. Another line of my research examines corporate political strategies and its potential implications for democracy. Political struggles may be visible such as standard lobbying, activist campaigns and discursive arguments, but they may also be invisible, operating through diffused power mechanisms and taken-for-granted arrangements. Specifically, I study the governance and meaning structures around sustainability social movements, fracking, smoking, digital sustainability, CSR and the social economy. You may find my latest publications below.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Aranda, A., Sele, K., Etchanchu, H., Guyt, J., & Vaara, E. (2021). From Big Data to Rich Theory: Integrating Critical Discourse Analysis with Structural Topic Modeling. European Management Review. Forthcoming.

Etchanchu, H. and Djelic, M.L. (2019). Old Wine in New Bottles? Parentalism, Power and its Legitimacy in Business-Society Relations. Journal of Business Ethics, 160(4): 893-911.

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Neoliberal CSR in Historical Perspective.  Journal of Business Ethics, 142 (4): 641–661.


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Book Chapters

Etchanchu, H., de Bakker, F.G.A., & Delmestri, G. (2021). Social movement organizations’ agency for sustainable organizing, in Teerikangas, S., Onkila, T., Koistinen, K., & Mäkelä, M. Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency. London: Edward Elgar. Forthcoming.

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Schuessler, E., Habersang., S., Gutierrez-Huerter’O, G., Bothello, J., Etchanchu, H., & Delmestri, G. (2021). Sustainable Conference Organizing: Practices and Impact. Diversity Research and Management. Forthcoming.

Etchanchu, H. (2015): The public debate in France. In: Hübner, A., Vetter, A., Horsfield, B. (Eds.), Shale gas: factual scientific argument for and against; the scientific perspective of the expert network of the Shale Gas Information Platform SHIP, Potsdam : GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Version 1.0, pp. 184—189.

Case Studies

Etchanchu, H. (2019). Global Play Foundation (Mali): Negotiating the future of education between multiple stakeholders. Montpellier Business School Cases: CCMP.

Etchanchu, H. (2019). Association Global Play (Mali) : négociation complexe autour de l’éducation du futur. Montpellier Business School Cases: CCMP.

Etchanchu, H. and Mathe, H. (2015). Innovation at BlaBlaCar: Creating a Community for Ridesharing. ESSEC Business Cases: CCMP. Multi-media case: 

Professional Articles

Etchanchu, H. (2020). Le tournant vers la logique économique et sociétale du 21ème siècle. Economie Matin. 08/08.

Etchanchu, H. (2020). Covid-19 et climat: Quels leçons tirer de ces crises? Environnement Magazine 07/04.

Etchanchu, H. (2019). Face aux crises, l’avènement du chercheur-militant. The Conversation 01/12.

Nakara, W. and Etchanchu, H. (2019). L’entrepreneuriat, une voie d’émancipation pour les femmes battues. The Conversation. 18/07.

Pavie, X. and Etchanchu (Schneider), H. (2012). Responsabilité et Innovation dans le Service
Public. (Responsibility and Innovation in Public Service). ESSEC Publishing


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