My aim is to educate the entrepreneurs and managers of tomorrow and prepare them to make strategic decisions in an increasingly complex market and non-market environment. I believe in interactive hands-on learning and fostering the students’ critical thinking through analysis of real life cases and engaging class discussions. I envision helping students reflect on their strategic choices and the potential impact of their actions on their business, industry, society and the environment.

I have taught subjects incuding globalization, strategic management, team leading, CSR and business ethics at undergraduate and graduate levels.

As facilitator of climateinteractive, I also run simulations of global climate negotations. Climateinteractive is a non-profit organization offering simulations that are rooted in MIT Sloan School of Management’s system dynamic simulation modeling to push people to take action on climate change. For more info visit https://www.climateinteractive.org/.

At ESSEC, I developed a multi-media case study on BlaBlaCar entitled “Innovation at BlaBlaCar: Creating a community for ridesharing”. This case study features the challenges and strategic choices of a start-up in the sharing economy envisioning sustainable development by catering to the 3 P’s – people, planet, profit. It offers an A-case which dates from 2011 and describes the start-up’s early beginnings and the challenges of creating a business model, organizing for innovation and developing a company culture that all reflect the founder’s vision. The B-case updates the company’s fast international development in 2014 and the new challenges that come with the successful growth of a startup. It allows for informed discussion on the strategic choices that were made by the company and why they failed or succeeded.